Hear JoJo’s Kempire Radio Chat About ‘Jumping Trains’

Idolator Staff | June 25, 2011 12:50 pm

Jumping trains is bound to give you a rush of adrenaline. But we’re getting the same quickening of the pulse just anticipating JoJo’s Jumping Trains LP, the young singer/songwriter’s first album since 2006. (And as we’ve previously noted, the Prince fan has done a lot of growing up since then.) Fortunately, Kempire Radio managed to get the “Sucks To Be You” singer on the phone to chat with fans and clear up some confusion about the forthcoming disc. Hear the full session below.

Apparently “The Other Chick” will not be the album’s first single after all (will it perhaps be the title track, then?), and unfortunately, this interview doesn’t give us a release date to hold onto. We still get plenty of other useful tidbits about Jumping Trains, however — and it’s always nice to check in with JoJo, isn’t it?