Watch Cee Lo Green Interview His New “Fantasy” Keri Hilson

Robbie Daw | June 30, 2011 11:08 am

With The Voice over for the season, Cee Lo Green has more time to dedicate to his new Fuse chat show Talking To Strangers (especially given that he pulled out of Rihanna’s LOUD tour). Last week Grammy winner Cee Lo had a conversation with chart-topping rapper Lupe Fiasco, but his latest episode takes the sexy up a level (sorry, Lupe!) with Miss Keri Hilson. Watch below. During their one-on-one, Hilson and Green talked about, among other things, being fellow natives of Georgia.

Said Keri:

“Atlanta in general has this creative energy, and this underdog mentality, that I think the likes of you and Outkast and TLC and even Usher and — everybody that’s hailed out of Atlanta — has this underdog mentality where if you met them, they would give the air as if I haven’t done shit yet. And that, to me, I think is the best part of where we grew up.”

Miss Keri also performed her jams “Pretty Girl Rock” and “All The Boys,” and Cee Lo later made her recite the lyrics to her sexy tune “The Way You Love Me” (the clean version, naturally).