Owl City Goes Back To The Future, Meets Lights In “Deer In The Headlights” Video

Robbie Daw | June 30, 2011 1:32 pm

Oh, Owl City — what kind of shenanigans are you up to now? Today the quirky laptop-synth whiz unveiled the video for “Deer In The Headlights,” his latest single off recently-released album All Things Bright And Beautiful, and the clip finds him getting his McFly on as he speeds through time in a souped-up DeLorean. He also has an encounter with fellow electro-pop enthusiast Lights. Watch below! There poor Adam Young is, zipping around on his skateboard in the suburbs — no doubt daydreaming of strawberry skies, whipped-cream waterfalls and twinkle lights — when along comes the Back To the Future-esque DeLorean. Anyone with common sense and a knowledge of summer blockbusters from the ’80s would be all like peace out…but this is Owl City.

He hops in for a ride, and winds up dodging what looks like the seafood platter at Ming’s Palace before finally reaching the end of the road at a convenience store. And it’s here that he meets the love of his life — a deer. No, wait — it’s Lights! No, no — it’s some old dude in a turban.

Owl City, why must you be such a dreamy enigma?

There’s still time to chase down Adam and his DeLorean, as he’ll be on tour all through July.

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