Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & ‘The Voice’ In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | July 1, 2011 5:30 pm

This week NBC’s new hit series The Voice came to a close, and a Season 1 winner was declared. But while Christina Aguilera and her fellow coaches are already looking ahead to Season 2, our readers had plenty to say about what went down on this week’s finale. Read on!

:: LMG sang out on The Voice: Which Contestant Has The Best Original Song?: “Dia– the sound of her quick breath before singing threw me totally off. loved the song but not the singer. Javier– absolutly loved every bit of this performance. Beverly– I love her griity old-soul voice. gives me chills she does. Vicci– this song was truly her. she made me ‘feel’ her singing. hands down (for me) the winner!”

:: Magzee was glad to see Xtina get back to basics on Christina Aguilera Talks The Voice And New Album With Rolling Stone: “Christina’s starting to remind me more of Adele lol gorgeous and voluptuous, with a phenomenal voice.”

:: Xadax thought we were out of tune on The Voice: Christina Aguilera & Coaches Duet With Their Team Members: “Xtina did not out-sung Beverly. Watch it again as she gives her more parts to Bev. I will agree with her being off-key on the group performance (hell, even Legendtina knew that – judging by the look on her face).”

:: M was in harmony with Xadax: “Robbie, Christina generally over sings, fans and critics have probably come to expect the runs, kind of her signature. But, don’t mistake her tendency to oversing with what really happened in their performance. She was completely in sync with Beverly, pulling back to give Beverly the lead. Of all the duets, theirs was the most harmonious and simply amazing. I think if she re-released ‘Beautiful’ with Beverly it would hit number one again.”

:: Brandon Hall thought the show hit a sour note on The Voice: Team Adam Levine Triumphs As Javier Colon Wins Season 1: “Javier Colon really? Hes such a basic bitch Beverly is phenomenal she is the trifecta, she has the voice, stage presence and the ability to perform. The title should have gone to her, so upset by this.”

:: Carlos was also disappointed: “I already new he was going to win… but he is so boring, Beveerly really brouhht out a show everytime and so as Dia, my personal favoriite. DIA SHOULD HAVE WON”

:: jppprue had a different bone to pick with Javier: “Personally as a Black male I thought that America would have been a little more bias toward the Javier bi-racial marriage delema,as I was.I just knew that Beverly was going to win bar-none.I cant get down with the mixed marriages thing and am not affraid to say it.”

:: vertigoshtick was bionic on Christina Aguilera Signs On For Season 2 Of The Voice: “SMART girl. If she and her management are anything less than absolute idiots, they’ll be timing her next album around the new season. My guess is that the album will come out right before or around the season premiere (Super Bowl!) so she can do promo stuff beforehand and then as soon as the season is over it’ll be time to go on tour.

:: rjk voiced up on Javier Colon Tells ‘Today Show’ He’s “Absolutely” Recording With Adam Levine: “Javier has a lovely, sweet voice. But he’s about as interesting as warm milk. He lacks that *it factor* that separates people who can sing from people who become stars.”