Miley Cyrus Climbs Up “On Melancholy Hill” Covering Gorillaz

Idolator Staff | July 3, 2011 11:07 am

It’s always fun when a major artist covers a well-known past hit from another major artist. We’re thinking of Lady Gaga joining Sting on “Stand By Me,” or Britney Spears adding Madonna’s “Burning Up” to her Femme Fatale tour set. What’s even better? When a major artist goes a less predictable route, and covers a lesser-known song from a band we’d never associate them with! That’s why we were so excited to hear Miley Cyrus make “The Climb” up “On Melancholy Hill” as an engagement treat for two of her dancers at the Perth stop on her Gypsy Heart tour, turning in a — yes — rather melancholy rendition of the pretty Plastic Beach ditty. Watch below.

Miley Cyrus, “On Melancholy Hill” (Gorillaz cover)

Of course, by Gorillaz standards, the original is fairly simple, stripped down, and melancholy, too.

Gorillaz, “On Melancholy Hill”

Miley’s already cover-happy concert set included tributes to Joan Jett and Nirvana, too. Do you think her version of “On Melancholy Hill” deserves a permanent spot on her set list? Tell us in the comments below, or on Twitter and Facebook.