Jennifer Lopez Brings Love, Light, And News Of Her Next Single To HSN

Idolator Staff | July 3, 2011 11:48 am

It may be too late to get your “collector’s item”-sized bottle of Jennifer Lopez’s Love And Light fragrance from the Home Shopping Network (no mysterious question mark necessary in the name of the perfume, it seems), but there’s still time to catch her on-air chat about upcoming projects, why this season of American Idol stood out from prior showings (hint: because she’s nicer than Simon Cowell), and how, even as the world’s most beautiful woman, she has remained grounded and relatable. Plus, she announced her next single! Catch it below.

As speculated, the very Latin-flavored “Papi” will be J-Lo’s next single — a wise move, we think, since it’s pretty similar to the hugely successful Pitbull collaboration “On The Floor.”