7 Classy Quotes From Joe Jonas’ ‘GQ’ UK Interview

Erika Brooks Adickman | July 8, 2011 11:17 am

Joe Jonas might still have that adorable baby face we love, but he’s far from the young boy we first fell for on the Disney channel. As the “See No More” crooner continues the promotional trail for his upcoming solo album, the 21-year-old chatted with GQ UK about his (now grown up) fast life. We’ve rounded up the snazzy dresser‘s classiest quotes as he opens up about fashion, boozing and even —  dubstep?!


** “The craziest outfit I ever wore was this white suit that I wore to an awards show in LA that I teamed with yellow shoes. It was interesting. It popped. I think I styled myself that day.” We all make mistakes.

** “…I like dubstep too. I try to get into what people are getting into out [in the UK] here because I feel like you’re just so up to date with music.” Is JJ an anglophile or is he just trying to kiss some major British butt?

** On future collaborations: “To work with someone like Kanye West would be awesome. He’s a very fashionable guy these days too.”

** “Two hours of just sweating, all while wearing two T-shirts, a sweat suit -which is like this garbage bag-type thing that just makes you sweat like crazy – and then a hoodie on top.” Sounds healthy.

** The JoBro’s patented hangover cure: “Pedialyte. It’s pretty much like Gatorade to the max. Coke is apparently the new thing for hangovers too, but usually I’d just say eating a massive breakfast.” He’s talking about the Coca-Cola, right?

** Is this Joe doing his impersonation of SNL‘s club enthusiast character Stefon? “If you’re going to go out to a club, check out Jeff Beacher’s Madhouse. It’s crazy. There are literally oompa-loompas and people dressed in Star Trek costumes every night and they have on-stage performances every Wednesday which are hilarious.”

** “I really love peanut butter M&Ms. If they’re in the area, they’ll be gone in no time.”

So if you ever want to lure Joe into your love nest, just make a trail of peanut M&Ms leading up to your front door, make have dubstep blasting inside your house, then compliment the pop star on his designer duds and invite him in to take a shvitz in your sauna. He’ll be putty in your hands.

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