Sean Kingston Rocks Cast With Swag On Set Of New Video

Idolator Staff | July 9, 2011 11:58 am

You’d never know from the looks of this photo of a very slimmed-down Sean Kingston that the Jamaican-born singer was in a messy jet-ski accident that left him and one passenger in critical condition five weeks ago. But here he is, looking better than ever minus one teensy cast on his wrist, on the set for Iyaz‘s new video “Pretty Girls.” Which makes us ask: Does Kingston possess Wolverine-like healing powers that allowed him to get back to work so quickly after such a crippling incident?

How is it possible that a man in a rehabilitative device can pull off the look with such swag? These are the questions to which we have no answers. But at least we know Sean knows what he’s doing, tweeting: “Just got back from my artist @iyazlive new video shoot for his new single ‘Pretty Girls’… had a great time.. i was swaggin heavy!!! lol”

“Pretty Girls” guests Travie McCoy and is posed to sizzle on the summer charts, just as Kingston’s own smooth rolling “Beautiful Girls” did way back in 2007. We’re guessing that’s why he’s making a cameo in the video, and not because he’s looking for an excuse to show off his superhuman strength.

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