Adam Lambert Is The Nicest Guy On Twitter

Idolator Staff | July 10, 2011 3:13 pm

Seems making peace with James Durbin isn’t the only nice thing Adam Lambert has done on Twitter lately. Brit website Flecking Records has bestowed upon the Prince fan the dubious honor of being the “nicest man on Twitter.” (After Flecking made the initial claim, an online poll backed it up, with fans agreeing that Lambert is the sweetest tweeter out there.) Just how kind are former American Idol contender’s tweets? Find out more after the jump.

A quick glance over Lambert’s recent tweets certainly backs up Flecking’s claim. Not only does he say plenty of nice things to say to his fans and followers, he also has a lot of compliments for peers like Bruno Mars and Beyonce:

“Beyonce’s new album sounds so refreshing. Def it’s own Vibe. Thank u B and co”

“Bruno Mars’ Liquor Store Blues is on point. (w Damian marley) siiick”

Gotta say, we’re going along with Flecking on this one! (And we’re pretty sure Rihanna wasn’t the runner-up for this honor.)