Rebecca Black’s New Video “My Moment” Drops Next Week (But Not On Friday)

Idolator Staff | July 11, 2011 8:05 am

There are a good number of us who were hoping Rebecca Black’s “moment” was just that — and would have been long over by now. Alas, the Ark Music Factory’s golden goose isn’t going anywhere (at least, not yet, anyway). We we we are not so excited to learn that Kathy Beth Terry’s makeover savior will be releasing her next video one week from today on Monday, July 18 (that’s the day after Sunday, and Tuesday comes afterward). Just how fun, fun, fun, fun will the viral teen phenom’s “My Moment” be? Head below to find out more.

Directed by Morgan Lawley, “My Moment” will feature real-life clips of the out-loud laugher hosting awards shows, attending movie premieres, and other such events chronicling her unlikely rise to fame — including her winning an award in junior high school (perhaps for knowing her days of the week so well?).

If this is done in a tongue-in-cheek way, “My Moment” might work, but so far  it all sounds very straight-faced. Is the world ready to take Rebecca Black seriously? We kinda doubt it. We’re sure plenty of people will watch hoping “My Moment” will be as hilariously bad as the “Friday” video, though Black is unlikely to repeat that vid’s many millions of hits. Let’s just hope the young star has moved on to singing about more pressing topics than which seat she can take in her friend’s car.

“My Moment” debuts at 8pm PST one week from today on YouTube, and will precede a 5-song EP to be released in August.