Nelly Furtado Performs New Song “Mystery” Live

Becky Bain | July 11, 2011 11:32 am

We included Nelly Furtado on our list of artist we demand release new music, and it appears she’s heeding our wishes sooner than we expected. While appearing at Delta Tejo Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, the Canadian songstress performed a few verses of a new song (rumored to be called “Mystery”) before launching into her club hit “Promiscuous Girl”. Listen to Nelly’s sweet, stripped down song below.

“Oh when you gonna let me in? / I know you’re not opened / You wanna be shining bright / You wanna make a first impression for me every time,” sings Nelly. “You’re a mystery / Why can’t you just be real with me?”

Furtado is currently prepping the release of her follow-up to 2006’s Loose, to be titled Lifestyle. Though “Mystery” is more a ballad, she’s been working with her “Hot N’ Fun” collaborator Pharrell on more uptempo “urban” tunes: “There’s some Hip-hop on there, there’s some R&B,” the singer told a Portuguese news station. “I can’t really get the urban out of me, you know, I think I’m pretty much an urban artist at the end of the day. I started off urban when I was a teenager just kicking out in Toronto… that’s my comfort zone.”

[Via The Prophet Blog]