Kelly Clarkson Responds To Song Leaks

Idolator Staff | July 12, 2011 7:53 am

Guilty as charged: we were amongst the numerous Kelly Clarkson fans who jumped for joy upon learning that several new tracks from the “Tell Me A Lie” songbird had surfaced online. Of course, the tracks were yanked down faster than you can say “My life would suck without you,” but not before plenty of Kelly fans (like us) get our hands (and ears) on them. Still, we sympathize with an artist’s frustration about leaks in the digital age, when whole albums often reach fans weeks before their intended release. (Kelly might consider starting a support group and inviting Britney Spears and Beyonce.) See the iHeart Radio performer’s diplomatic response to the situation below.

On her official website, Kelly had this to say about the leaks:

“Well …..I get back in the states from a vacation and somehow like 50 of my songs are leaked on the Internet?! No point in getting angry because there’s nothing I can do so I hope y’all like the music. I can’t wait for everybody to hear my actual finished 5th album! On a side note, Tahiti is one of the greatest places I’ve ever been. It’s so beautiful! I had an amazing vacation and and got to hang with some awesome people! There’s nothing better than dancing, laughing, having a couple drinks, then more dancing, games, and then more laughing :)”

We’re glad Kelly managed to focus on what’s important — her amazing vacation in Tahiti — rather than let a few song leaks sour her mood.