It’s Time To Face The Music: ‘The X Factor’ World Premiere Preview

Idolator Staff | July 13, 2011 9:31 am

Paula Abdul gushing. Simon Cowell tossing off zingers like, “You are talented, but you are deluded.” Dreams being crushed. Dreams coming true. Bad singing. Good singing. Godawful atrocious singing. And at least one guy who wears a crazy costume just to get some face time on network TV. Anyone else experiencing deja vu here? We sure are after watching the enticing (and, surprisingly, quite funny) “World Premiere Preview” of Fox’s new feature film-length singing competition The X Factor. So what can we expect now that the show has finally gotten its lineup of judges in order? Find out below!

While much of the show is reminiscent of the old American Idol (this preview is clearly hoping to draw an audience that misses Simon’s snarkiness and Paula’s hot messiness), there may be a few surprises in store. The slow-mo shots of the judges walking toward camera and Simon driving sports cars are more reminiscent of Fast & Furious than a reality singing competition — is Simon auditioning to be the next 007? And we certainly weren’t expecting to hear Guns ‘N’ Roses “Live And Let Die” in this trailer!  We also love the tongue-in-cheek humor beginning with Simon’s worst nightmare — it seems even his dreamscape isn’t safe from product placement.

The Chevrolet-and Pepsi-sponsored (gee, we hadn’t noticed!) program starts September 21.