Dave Grohl Unleashes His NSFW Foo Fury On Fighting Fan At Concert

Idolator Staff | July 13, 2011 10:12 am

Dave Grohl approves of Foo Fighting — just not the regular kind. Or so we learn from a video of the MTV Movie Awards performer unleashing a string of NSFW words aimed at a concertgoer who apparently couldn’t keep his fists to himself. The Foo Fighters frontman interrupted his London iTunes concert at the Roundhouse on Monday in order to single out the offending crowd member and launch into a tirade of four-letter words about proper Foo Fighters concert-going etiquette, which basically requires that one “f***ing dance” instead of “f***ing fight,” and “get the f*** out” if they disobey this decree. Watch the chart-topper play peacemaker below.

Judging from the crowd’s positive reaction, everyone approved of Grohl tossing the abusive fan out based on his misconduct. (We’re guessing he didn’t get his money back, either.)

I think we’ve all learned our lesson here: never cross a Foo Fighter.