Demi Lovato Stands Tall In Her “Skyscraper” Music Video

Idolator Staff | July 14, 2011 7:26 am

If you didn’t catch the preview, perhaps you were expecting the video for a song about a skyscraper to take place in, say, a city. But you’d be wrong. Demi Lovato has set her “Skyscraper” in the unlikely location of a barren desert landscape, keeping all the focus on the young artist as she emotes for the camera. And it works. There are plenty of visual metaphors (a glass-imprisoned heart, walking on broken glass) to recall Lovato’s recent bout with self-harm and an eating disorder, and the former Sonny With A Chance star lets it all hang out emotionally, even breaking down into tears. Have a box of tissues handy and watch the Mark Pellington-directed clip below.

This former Disney kid is officially all grown up. The “Skyscraper” vid should give her peers plenty to tweet about, no?