Lady Gaga And RedOne Gift A Song To Cher

Becky Bain | July 14, 2011 11:20 am

The news that Cher is recording her first album in 10 years isn’t as exciting as this extra bit of information leaked by the music icon herself — she’s already recorded a song written by Lady Gaga and her right hand man RedOne. As if the gays weren’t already on board to buy a new Cher album, this just upped the ante. Even better: you don’t have to wait to hear what it sounds like! Listen to a Gaga-recorded demo of the song, titled “The Greatest Thing”, below.

“Lovelies! I have something tell u thats So Great I don’t know exactly how 2 say it!” Cher tweeted Wednesday night. “Been keeping it secret 4 long time… Just walked in from studio! I Finished 1st track on new cd &……..”GAGA ” ” YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO ME.”

Apparently, Gaga and her trusty producer RedOne gave the song for Cher’s forthcoming album. The song isn’t meant as a duet for her and Gaga to sing, though she adds, “Who knows? I Did Hold her “Meat Purse” haha! One can wish!”

She continues: “Wait! I would love duet with GaGa, but She Gave Me GREAT Song & I’m beyond Grateful!!!! It’s called ‘The Greatest Thing’.”

PopDust points us towards this demo of Gaga singing the song that surfaced online about a year ago:

It’s no wonder she didn’t keep it for herself — it’s pretty innocuous, and reminds us of an uptempo ballad someone like Usher might record. It really doesn’t work for the pop piano lady‘s current 90s/metal shtick, but it could possibly work for Cher. (Though if she’s going to finally release a new non-Burlesque-associated single, we’d much prefer the lead one to be an uptempo tune for the dancefloor. But that’s us.)

What do you think of “The Greatest Thing”? Is the title of the song spot on, or is that just a fancy name?