Christina Aguilera’s 2012 Album Will Be More Heartfelt Than ‘Bionic’

Idolator Staff | July 15, 2011 8:24 am

Earlier this year, Christina Aguilera was teetering desperately close to has-been status. She flubbed the words to the national anthem. She was taken into custody for public intoxication. Her big screen debut opposite Cher was mocked by critics and audiences alike. And let’s not forget the debacle that was Bionic, a poorly-organized jumble of songs like “Glam,” “I Hate Boys,” and “Prima Donna” that sounded like they were co-penned by a middle school mean girl and a drag queen. But now, thanks to her coaching stint on The Voice, the royally desirable songstress’ public image is enjoying a comeback — meaning a new album is in the works, too! Find out the latest info below.

The Jagger-like mover spoke to Croatia’s RTL Televizija with some news on her plans for her next studio release. The good news? “It’s going to be a very heartfelt, deep-rooted, and introspective record for me. We’re hoping for release in spring/summer next year,” Aguilera stated. (What? “Vanity” wasn’t heartfelt enough for you?) The bad news? Well, that spring/summer 2012 release date feels awfully far away.

It’s pretty typical for an artist who puts out a poorly-received flop of a studio album to promise that the next one will go in the exact opposite direction, so no surprises there. With The Voice set to return in the fall, can we assume she will use the show’s success a launching pad for her comeback, a la J-Lo on American Idol? Quite likely.

If Xtina’s looking for lyrics more introspective”than those gems from, say, “Sex For Breakfast” (“When the morning comes, I know that I will, too”) or “Bobblehead” (“Like, whaaat? I don’t get it!”) — well, she shouldn’t have a problem. They kind of have to be — Bionic contains just about the least introspective lyrics of all time.