Carmageddon: Idolator’s Survival Playlist

Erika Brooks Adickman | July 15, 2011 3:40 pm

We’ve survived the Rapture, we’ve enjoyed Alpocolypse, but it seems our day of judgment has finally arrived. Carmageddon, as it’s been nicknamed due to the closure of the vital 405 freeway, will be descending upon LA at midnight tonight and lasting for the next 53 painful hours. As Los Angelenos prepare for the worst traffic in the notoriously gridlocked city’s history by planning alternate routes or stocking up on supplies to stay in all weekend (house party, y’all) we’ve decided to pitch in with our very own Survival Playlist. Jump below for odes to alternate forms of transportation to get you through till Monday.

“Bicycle Race” – Queen

Turn your frustration against Carmageddon into something positive. Dust off that two-wheeler in your garage, put on your helmet and pretend your competing in your own personal Tour De France.

“The Bicycle Song” – Mark Ronson And The Business Intl

To really indulge in your bike fantasies, attach a bell to your handlebars and annoy all those lame-os stuck behind the wheel by ringing it every time Mark Ronson uses the sound effect in this song.

“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – The Proclaimers

Strap on a pedometer and count just how many steps you take this weekend. Dr. Oz will be so proud.

“Rollerblades” – Eliza Doolittle

You know you’ve still got your old pair of rollerblades and elbow pads stashed in your attic. So dig them out, put on a fanny pack and rock that early 90s look.

“Highway To Hell” – AC/DC

Every time you have to turn down an invite due to traffic reports this weekend, crank this tune and practice your air guitar skills.

“Freeway Of Love” – Aretha Franklin

It’s been scientifically proven that it’s impossible to feel stressed or anxious when listening to Aretha’s voice.

“Walking In L.A.” – Missing Persons

Prove Missing Persons wrong by walking in L.A. and using your social media platforms to Tweet, update and brag blog about it. If you don’t post it, it didn’t happen, right?

“Homeward Bound” – Simon And Garfunkel

Whether you pretend your Lindsay Lohan on house arrest or Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, spend your weekend indoors plowing through all those new Emmy nominated shows you missed earlier this year (or perhaps just rewatch seasons 1-3 of Veronica Mars).

“Kick Push” — Lupe Fiasco

How could we forget the skateboard?! You always wanted to learn, and now is the perfect time. Come out of Carmageddon with a new hobby!