Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Pop Mermaids In This Week’s Reader Comments

Becky Bain | July 15, 2011 5:43 pm

What would a week in pop music be without wild accusations of plagiarism, mouth-watering collaborations or a teen queen on the comeback trail? Nothing! Thankfully, the past seven days delivered all that and more. Monsters bayed for blood when Katy Perry announced a mermaid theme for her next video. Meanwhile sales of Depends spiked when Cher’s fans learned Lady Gaga had contributed a song to the legendary diva’s new album and just about everyone is super excited about Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”. Find out exactly what went down in this week’s round-up of reader comments.

::Michael GM
was outraged by Mermaid-gate: “Katy Perry is a hack. Nothing about her is original. If it wasn’t for her producers she would still be singing unsellable christian rock. She already copied the alien theme from Gaga.. I am sure she’ll be on a Motorcycle soon too.”

::Angelica Marc went a step further: “She is a thief. She stole from gaga a bunch to times like with the alien, mermaid, and she even did a cover of born this way.”

:Nyan tried to be the voice of reason: “Katy didn’t copy anything from the Born This Way video… What do you expect from a song called E.T.? Anyway, I don’t know whether or not this is a coincidence or just plain copying but things like this have happened in the past between Katy and Gaga, so I’ll just let it blow over…”

::Yaya, on the other hand, took a more philosophical approach: “10 -20 years from now when there is a ‘new’ pop artist, their fans are gonna say how original, new, and fresh they are and that Gaga and Katy are old hags as they do to Madonna now and you’ll be saying ‘what do those young kids know’… just you wait!”

:: LordGagaTX was clearly excited by the prospect of Cher and Lady Gaga joining forces: “They might do a DUET REMIX of the song! That would slay..HARD. Imagine Cher, a LEGEND uniting forces with Gaga, AN ICON. Gaga+Cher=POP ORGASM.”

::Manucillo Ramirez Arenas shared the elation: “Is beautiful. gaga love and love cher.”

::SSsDF was slightly less impressed: “What a has been.”

::Marley was one of the many readers to be touched by Demi Lovato’s #1 iTunes smash: “This is an amazingly beautiful song. so powerful and so heartfelt. Demi is an inspiration to me and to many other people out there. keep it up doll.”

::Mercedes could also relate to the song’s message: “She’s all grown up! Singing from her gut, her soul. I can relate to this song as many other woman will as well. Beautiful , inspiring. Bye Bye Disney. hello world.!!”

::Anna wished Demi the best for her comeback: “She has conquered the many problems that teenagers face these days, image, and she has risen to the occasion. I love her voice so raw, its much more powerful. love you Demi Lovato. You’re an inspiration. A true one. Keep going strong, you have an amazing life ahead of you.”

::Georginos will most likely not be downloading Leona Lewis’ new single from iTunes: “Leona should shelve this song. It is not good at all and its lyrics are very juvenile.”

::JamesK blamed bad fashion for the English diva’s decline: “In regard to Leona, ever since she lost her mind and started to wear those ridiculous outfits she has significantly declined musically and this song is further evidence of that. What a shame.”

::Mark Daniel Snyder really doesn’t care that “Collide” is (allegedly) a rip-off: “You can play both at the same time and it sounds like even better like a remix LOL hot.” We totally agree!