Britney Spears Wants You To Smell Like Cosmic Radiance

Idolator Staff | July 16, 2011 8:25 am

Is Britney Spears the brightest star in the universe? The copy for her new fragrance Cosmic Radiance seems to suggest so, promising that a whiff of the Song of Summer runner-up’s new scent will have everyone thinking you’re the most scintillating they’ve seen (or smelled, anyway). The just-released ad for the troop-supporting diva’s 10th (!) perfume (which smells like amber, soft vanilla, and creamy sandalwood) recycles a Femme Fatale promo shot and encircles her with some bedazzling jewels (Auto-Tune sold separately). Check out the full-sized ad after the jump.

Now that there are ten different ways to smell like Britney Spears, which one will you choose?