Lady Gaga Talks Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N Roll On ‘Howard Stern’

Becky Bain | July 18, 2011 12:07 pm

When a celebrity sits down with Howard Stern, you know the interview is mainly going to revolve around all the scandalous parts of one’s private life, and Stern’s sit-down with Lady Gaga was no different. He asked her about drugs (“I regret every line I ever did, so to any of the little sweethearts listening, don’t touch it, it’s the devil!”), boyfriends (“I like guys with long hair who know a lot about rock ‘n’ roll”) and sex (“When you are 17, you don’t know how to operate what’s going on down there so don’t even try”). Head below to check out highlights from the extremely open and honest Mother Monster’s talk with the shock jock.

Though she touches on so many headline-grabbing subjects, we especially love the part where we hear her voicemail to herself, humming possible tunes for future songs.

The leather-clad singer also spoke of her reaction to Britney Spears releasing her song “Quicksand” as an iTunes bonus track for Circus (as well as recording a demo for “Telephone”): “Freaking Britney Spears sang my record? I was doing backflips and ordering drinks!”

Gaga also played an acoustic, stripped-down version of her Song of the Summer-winning single, “The Edge Of Glory”, leaving Stern basically speechless, which is quite an accomplishment.

[Via PopCrush]