Former ‘American Idol’ Contender Todrick Hall Leads Beyonce Flash Mob At Target

Idolator Staff | July 19, 2011 8:03 am

Attention, Target shoppers — please clear the aisles to make room for the flash mob dancing and lip-syncing to Beyonce’s “End Of Time.” In a new YouTube video, American Idol Season 9 contestant Todrick Hall abandons his shopping cart and spontaneously busts into Beyonce’s mega-shrug dance move from “Run The World (Girls)” accompanied by six backup dancers. The group then transitions into the other 4 tune, joined by an increasing number of performers. Much more fun than your average run to the store for baby food and shampoo, right? Watch it below.

Directed by the Katy Perry-parodying viral sensation Ryan James Yezak, this clip is a lot of fun, and surprisingly well-shot for a flash mob video. Of course, we have a feeling Target was in on this plan from the get-go, given Beyonce’s ties with Target. (Not to mention that every one of the dancers is wearing red.) Is the booted Idol contender one step closer to his dream of being on Glee or what?

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for Pia Toscano to bust a move in a Wal Mart someday soon.