Adam Lambert Plays Papparazzo For A Night At The Grove In LA

Idolator Staff | July 19, 2011 10:00 am

It may be too late for Adam Lambert to consider changing careers, but just in case that whole music thing doesn’t work out, it seems James Durbin’s nemesis may have a future at TMZ. Turns out the “nicest guy on Twitter” moniker may be a bit of an overstatement — the American Idol alum playfully exacted a bit of payback on the paparazzi who showed up to snap his movie date with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen at the Grove on Sunday night, filming them as he walked to the parking structure, then posting it to his Twitter. Watch the video below (from both Adam’s and the paparazzi’s POV).

We already knew Adam isn’t the biggest fan of the paparazzi. A teasing tweet about playing “reverse paparazzi” seems like a much safer bet than hitting them, if you ask us.