Kelly Rowland Cues Up A Steamy Video Chat About “Motivation”

Idolator Staff | July 20, 2011 2:05 pm

Jeff Bhasker probably isn’t interested in what sexy stuff went on behind the scenes of the “Motivation” video, but Kelly Rowland fans should be all ears as the self-satisfied diva dishes about what was on her mind during the shoot. (Namely? “Sex.”) In a new video interview for Bleu magazine (filmed during a game of pool), the Here I Am songbird reveals that she was laying it on plenty of buff dancers during her “Motivation” shoot, then spills her thoughts on being a solo artist versus part of a group and the worst-pick up line she’s ever heard. (Hint: it involves not one but two Destiny’s Child song titles. Oy.) Watch it below.

Yeah, that pick up line is pretty bad. Then again, so was Cee Lo’s.