Demi Lovato Reveals September Release Date For Third Album

Robbie Daw | July 22, 2011 8:48 am

Demi Lovato’s new single “Skyscraper” may be a somber ballad full of sadness, but that didn’t stop the song from landing a respectable #10 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. Plus, it’s not all doom and gloom for the red carpet-loving 18-year-old — the singer smiled her way through a half-hour-long Cambio live chat last night, where she revealed the release date for her forthcoming third studio LP. “I hope you’re screaming and jumping down in your room right now because I’m about to tell you when my album is releasing,” Lovato said from the Los Angeles recording studio she conducted the live chat in.

She then revealed that her record will be out on September 20, a date that also sees the arrival of new releases from Akon, Mary J. Blige and Tori Amos. (We should point out that Demi’s as-yet-untitled LP is being released just two weeks after the debut album from her ex, Joe Jonas, hits music buyers.)

Anyway, Lovato offered more good news for her fans through a thinly-veiled hint: “If I was to tour, I would announce it soon and maybe, possibly, I’m in the works of putting together a tour. Maybe. And maybe it’ll be all around the world. I don’t know. I’m just saying.”

Are you looking forward to hearing new material from the “Skyscraper” singer?

[Via MTV News]