Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The VMAs In This Week’s Reader Comments

Idolator Staff | July 22, 2011 5:30 pm

This week, the pop universe created mucho debate: producer Jeff Bhasker triggered a civil war amongst Destiny’s Child fans when the Beyonce collaborator trashed Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” on Twitter, Kidz Bop released a child friendly version of “Born This Way” sans gay references, Britney Spears unveiled an alternate version of her legendarily bad “Gimme More” video, and MTV announced their 2011 VMA nominations. Head below to see what our pop-obsessed readers had to say about these developments!

:: kp believes producers in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones: “I like jeff, but ‘motivation’ is a great song, and when it comes to weak beats and melodies, you need to look no further than ‘try sleeping with a broken heart’. the keyboard melody as the chorus starts is the corniest thing i’ve ever heard.”

:: Puhlease found the comments unprofessional: “It’s one thing for fans to root for their favorite artists but for a producer, a successful one at that, to come out with such statements makes me lose respect for him and his work.”

::kelly flopland, however, agreed with Jeff’s commentary: “He is just stating the fact. Motivation is a mess and a childish song. Beyonce is winning with album sales. i wanna see what kelly flopland would sell first week.”

::Real talk felt the same way: “You know what this is the realest dude ever. I know folks are using pity for kelly, but kelly been in the game for too long to come out with such low budget lyrics.”

::Imtheone29 tried to be the voice of reason: “I’m so completely annoyed with the comparisons between Kelly and Beyonce. They obviously have a friendship that has stood the test of time but the media, fans, and now apparently producers want to pit them against each other which is wrong.”

::Maja believed Kidz Bop overreacted by removing all the gay references in their kid-friendly version of “Born This Way”: “Why need to ignore the LGBT issue and edit it out? Not being educated about it will lead ignorance and more hatred in the future.”

::Sakura, on the other hand, found the edits appropriate: “There is nothing wrong with censoring a song that is going to be marketed to CHILDREN. And to the people crying foul about the LGBTQ references being removed–PLEASE, get over it! The core message of the song, which is accepting yourself for who you are, is still there.”

::Ronnie was fine with the overhaul but had a different complaint: “I agree with Sakura but even kids can recognize bad singing. This is horrible. Even my younger brothers can’t stand listen to these kids and they’re the core audience for Kidz Bop.”

::X thought the new version of “Gimme More” was every bit as bad as the original: “I watched the new one, then the old one, and the old one looked GOOD in comparison. Man oh man what a train wreck. It looks like a $12 video for an amateur that will never, ever have another song ever again.”

::Brandon Hall saw the glass half full: “Look how lively she looked back then, she seems to actually be enjoying herself its so sad to see her zombiefied videos of late.”

::samantha agreed with Brandon: “At least she actually is moving around dancing in this video actually looking like she’s having fun, versus all her new videos where she looks boring and forced.”

::ERIC was outraged by the 2011 MTV VMA nominations: “How were Britney and Rihanna overlooked? Gaga’s videos this era were not that huge I have to admit. But how the hell they didn’t nominate Beyonce’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’ for video of the Year? And putting Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ in that category. There’s too much Katy Perry on this list.”

::Vladimir Movsesian was inconsolable over Britney’s lack of recognition: “VMA 2011 RATINGS FLOP! Britney DO NOT perform there! DO NOT even appear!”

:: And finally, abeljose22 thought that MTV got it just right: “This is awesome! I’m so glad they didn’t nominate people just for ratings cc. Gaga & Britney because they so overrated!! So glad to see Kanye, Katy & Adele leading! This is great!”