Lady Gaga Discusses “You And I” Video Concept During Radio Interviews

Robbie Daw | July 26, 2011 3:21 pm

Nebraska, Nebraska, she loves you! Lady Gaga swung by the studios of Omaha’s KAT 103.7 radio station to chat about the concept for her “You And I” video, which she shot last week in the currently sunny Corn Husker State. She also talked to Carson Daly for his Amp Radio show. Hear Mother Monster spill the details  on her latest visual over the airwaves below. “The premise of the video is that I’ve walked all the way from New York City to Nebraska to get [my boyfriend] back,” Gaga told KAT. “I’m walking with no luggage, no nothin’. It’s just me, and my ankles are kind of bleeding a little bit and there’s grass stuck in my shoes. I’ve got this outfit on — it’s real sort of New York clothing. It’s wooly.”

Gaga continued to talk about the video for the Robert John “Mutt” Lange-produced power ballad.

“The idea that when you’re away from someone that you love, it’s torture,” the mermaid-loving songstress noted. “It’s a very powerful and awful and strange feeling when you’re away from the person that you love. I knew I wanted the video to be about me sprinting back and walking hundreds of thousands of miles to get him back.”

When later speaking with Voice host Carson Daly for Amp Radio, Gaga also noted, “There’s this fork in the road and it’s four different ways that I can go, but there’s lots of other things that can happen. All sorts of strange things that occur and it has a lot to do with bridging my past and my future as an artist.”

At the very least, it sounds like there will be more of a narrative plot line for the “You And I” vid than there was for “The Edge Of Glory.” Are you looking forward to Lady Gaga’s latest visual foray?

And where does “You And I” rank for you among your the four singles released so far from Born This Way?

[Via Gaga Daily]