Movie Trailer Diva-Off: Lea Michele In ‘New Year’s Eve’ Vs. Rihanna In ‘Battleship’

Becky Bain | July 27, 2011 11:34 am

Glamourous pop star Rihanna and Glee‘s Lea Michele expand their brand and make their feature film debuts in two upcoming films whose trailers were released today — Lea plays Ashton Kutcher’s lady friend in holiday-specific romantic ensemble comedy New Year’s Eve, and RiRi plays a navy weapons officer in board game-inspired action flick Battleship. Does the “Cheers” singer’s movie seem like the most fun, or does Michele’s romantic comedy sink her Battleship? Judge both movie’s trailers and their respective pop star appearances below in our first ever Movie Trailer Diva-Off!

Take a peek at Lea Michele’s film debut in the romcom New Year’s Eve, which also co-stars another familiar face from the pop world, Zac Efron:

Now check out Rihanna, however so briefly, in the trailer for action movie Battleship.

Okay, so both females are barely the star of either movie, what with them competing with Katherine Heigl and giant Transformer boats. Seriously, though, not even one line for Rihanna in the trailer? She could have shouted “Man down!” or “Now that all my soldiers have drowned, I feel like I’m the only girl in the world” or something. If you can’t make a meta reference to one of her songs, then why even bother casting a pop star in your movie?

So which movie are you more interested in checking out opening weekend? Tell us below!