Watch Robyn Sing “Call Your Girlfriend” In JFK Airport’s JetBlue Terminal

Robbie Daw | July 29, 2011 6:58 am

Last month we gave away passes to catch Robyn perform at the JetBlue T5 terminal at New York City’s JFK International Airport. (That’s right — the most killingest pop star on the planet performed in an airport.) And while we posted pics and some fan-shot clips here after the gig, we still felt like you needed to get the full Robyn-in-the-departure-lounge experience. So buckle up and head below to watch a video of her belting out Body Talk jam “Call Your Girlfriend” for travelers and fans alike. “I spend a lot of time in airports, but I never perform in them. This is my first time,” Robyn told the crowd at her special gig in the transport hub. “I’m gonna try to make up for all that lost time.”

While onlookers were treated to plenty of the Swedish pop pixie’s aerobic dance moves, luckily her six-song set was free of turbulence.

Have you ever had the pleasure of catching Robyn live, whether on Katy Perry’s current tour or elsewhere? Let us know where and when, as well as what you thought of her show, below!

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