Lady Gaga Performs On ‘Jimmy Kimmel,’ Tells The Host She Doesn’t Like Him

Robbie Daw | July 29, 2011 9:15 am

Looking like Cher circa the early 1970s — albeit a blonde Cher — Lady Gaga hit up the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live to have a conversation with the show’s host and to perform on the Bud Light Outdoor Stage in Hollywood. Traffic was snarled in Tinsel Town as Little Monsters took to the streets to see the MTV VMA nominee perform Born This Way singles “The Edge Of Glory” and “You And I.” Watch Gaga get sassy with Jimmy below. A cute moment came when Jimmy asked Gaga about her penchant for bowling, and whether or not she rents  bowling shoes when she hits the lanes.

“Absolutely not,” she said, somewhat aghast. “What if one of my fans walked into the bowling alley and saw me in flats. I think they’d have a heart attack.”

That was countered by a slightly awkward moment when Kimmel asked Gaga if she wants to have kids one day, then cracked, “What if one of your children grew up to be not gay — would you still love that child?”

Gaga’s response: “No. I actually don’t even like you.” Of course, she was probably joking…we think?

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