Amy Winehouse’s Dad Gives Her Clothes To Fans

Idolator Staff | July 31, 2011 1:42 pm

Yesterday marked just one week to the day after the death of Amy Winehouse. The latest legend claimed by the 27 Club is seeing a posthumous jump on the charts along with homages from such diverse acts as Mark Ronson, Big Boi, and M.I.A. But many mourners got a more tangible tribute on Thursday when Amy’s parents Mitch and Janis — who said of her daughter’s death, “It was only a matter of time” — entered the late star’s Camden flat to go through her belongings. The “Valerie” songbird’s most diehard fans, still holding vigil outside, were given clothing worn by the doomed godmother, courtesy of her father. Read more below.


“This is what she would have wanted — for her fans to have her clothes,” Mitch told fans as he distributed clothes and accessories to the emotional fans waiting outside. However, Amy’s father (a London cabbie) was spotted keeping at least one of his daughter’s possessions for himself — a pair of ballet shoes spied in his back pocket.

“God bless Amy Winehouse,” he said to fans before leaving the scene.