Jay-Z Denies Fighting With Kanye West, Says Spike Jonze Will Direct ‘Otis’ Video

Becky Bain | August 1, 2011 3:21 pm

Is there trouble in paradise? A New York Post article today claimed that Jay-Z and Kanye West (aka The Throne) are “barely speaking to each other” after fighting over the details of their upcoming tour. (‘Ye reportedly wants pricey razzle dazzle; Hova wants to keep it frills-free.) Jay responded to the rumors of his alleged beef while popping into Angie Martinez’s radio show, and he was also nice enough to drop a few deets about their “Otis” video. Head below for the scoop.

While on the radio show, Jay calls Kanye both “a genius talent” and “my brother”, and disputes the reports that he and Kanye butted heads over how over-the-top their concert would be. “I kind of want to spend a gazillion dollars, they got that backwards,” jokes Jay. He continues (via Hip-Hop Wired):

“Yes, we get on each other’s nerves, but that’s part of pushing each other… the people who have problems with Kanye and myself are the people who are complacent in life.” “People don’t like to be pushed, it’s annoying. We push each other to be greater, so yes, at times in the studio where we’re yelling but that’s about it.” “I would never put my… I would never disrespect that man, I have so much respect for him. Put my hands on him… if I did, it would be like in a backyard, you know… like brothers and you would never hear about it.”

Okay, enough drama. Some news everyone can enjoy: Spike Jonze has directed the video for the duo’s Watch The Throne single “Otis”!

Jonze, who recently helmed videos for Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” and Beastie Boys’ “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”, previously worked with Yeezy on his “Flashing Lights” clip. Check out a pic from the “Otis” set (which appears to be very much inspired by the single’s patriotic cover art):


[Via Hip-Hop Wired, CoS]

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