Ark Music Factory Introduces Madison Bray With “Girl Swag” Video

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 3, 2011 2:04 pm

Striking while the iron is still, um, warm to the touch, Ark Music Factory has introduced yet another rising star to the world. Meet Madison Bray. Sure she’s only nine-years-old, but she’s got attitude! Not the same kind of self-possessed, endearing, take-no-prisoners attitude as, say, Willow Smith. But the aspiring pop star’s debut track, “Girl Swag” sure does sound like a song the “Whip My Hair” singer would have rejected. Below we dissect and decipher Madison’s lyrics and video.

Geez, the only girl swag we had on at nine-years-old was from The Limited Too.

Unlike Rebecca Black’s over-annunciation of “fri-ee-day”, it’s pretty hard to decipher the lyrics in this latest track — but we’re fairly certain the elementary schooler is singing, “People wanna, wanna call me a diva/see me, see me got the keys to my beemer.” She must mean a BMX bike.

To set Bray apart from the other stars in the Ark Music Factory galaxy (or from the other cogs in the giant music machine), it seems they’ve decided to market the nine-year-old as the no nonsense badass. While Lexi St. George just wanted to hang out at the malt shop, in the music video we see Madison standing in front of a “no trespassing” sign, lip syncing in front of a skateboard park and sporting some pretty edgy clip-on hair streaks. It’s as if she’s saying, “Yeah, I’ve done time in detention. What’s it to you?”

The world continues to wonder: is Ark Music in on the joke? Because young Madison sure isn’t. Is music producer Patrice Wilson simply forgoing quality for quantity — or is the tween pop Svengali simply hoping for another “accidental” viral hit? Tell us your thoughts below.