Cee Lo Green Casts Urkel In “Cry Baby” Video — Did He Do Thaaaaat?

Becky Bain | August 8, 2011 10:16 am

Cee Lo Green is such a busy man these days, performing at music fests and celebrating pretzel M&Ms, he doesn’t even have the extra time to star in his own music videos! For the clip to “Cry Baby”, filmed on a 60s-set back lot, Green casts Jaleel White — aka, Steve Urkel — to play the role of The Lady Killer. And Jaleel is looking much more Stefon than Steve while showing off his dance moves. If you are too young to have watched the ABC comedy Family Matters growing up, this post has nothing for you. Well, besides Cee Lo’s swingin’ song — watch the Mickey Finnegan-directed clip below.

UPDATE: Apparently Cee Lo had no idea they were even filming a video for his track! “I had no idea they shot a video for cry baby,” he tweeted. “I hear its cool though.”

Cee Lo Green – “Cry Baby”

Of course, we always knew Jaleel White knew how to dance…