Amy Winehouse Rumor Report: Is Blake Fielder-Civil Writing A Tell-All?

Becky Bain | August 10, 2011 10:45 am

Last week we rounded-up the biggest stories to surface about Amy Winehouse in the wake of her death, and with another week comes all new headlines. But what’s true, what’s false, and what’s just crazy talk? Jump below for the latest rumors and reports regarding the late singer, including the status of her clothing line and the possibility of her ex-husband making money off her passing.

#1. Amy’s ex husband is planning to write a tell-all on the singer. The Sun reports that Blake Fielder-Civil has been planning to write a tell-all on Amy ever since she became famous, and that he also has hours of footage and photos of her he plans to release for a big pay day. True Or False?: Blake Incarcerated totally comes off like a scumbag, but we believed him when he said (via his current girlfriend!) that he really loved Amy. Still, this seems like a tabloid just speculating.

#2. Amy’s fashion line with Fred Perry will go on as planned. Amy had been collaborating with fashion designer Fred Perry on a few collections since 2010 — they even released photos of Amy (looking much healthier than she had been) wearing the cute clothes. Now, with the blessing of the Winehouse family, Perry will carry on with the fashion line. True Or False?: Yes, you can soon buy Amy-approved prep-chic clothing. Even better, all the money Amy would have made from her cut of the sales will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which helps addicts and their families during the recovery process.

#3. Amy Winehouse was not a fan of Alexander McQueen. The Daily Mail reports that the late famous fashion designer had insulted Amy in some way when they first met, and she wouldn’t forgive him. “When he sent her a dress to say sorry, she put it on the barbecue,” claims Amy’s friend (and McQueen’s ex) Archie Reed. “She also spat on one of his dresses at Selfridges, which she had to pay for because she had soiled it. At first she refused, then she just said, “Fine – but tell Alexander McQueen I ruined his dress.” True Or False?: We really hope this actually happened, because it’s just funny. Also, yet another reason the rumor that McQueen-worshipping Lady Gaga will be playing Winehouse in a movie is probably far from true.