Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Jagger In This Week’s Reader Comments

Idolator Staff | August 12, 2011 5:30 pm

All eyes in the pop world turned towards Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5 this week as the video for their long-awaited duet “Moves Like Jagger” finally hit the internet. Other hot stories included rumors of an Amy Winehouse biopic starring Lady Gaga, a first listen of Beyonce’s collaboration with The Throne (that would be “Lift Off”), and new music from budding Australian pop diva Elen Levon. Head below to see what our passionate, witty and sometimes downright ruthless readers had to say about these poptastic stories.

felt let down by the “Moves Like Jagger” music video: “So underwhelming especially because all of the promo they did with the sneak peeks and the Mick Jagger hubbub.”

::Why also pulled no punches in his assessment: “Is Mick Jagger known for ass shaking and looking like an idiot? I don’t think it’s much of a tribute here.”

::Scout was positively cruel: “Swagger Jagger >>>> Moves Like Jagger”

::Brandon Hall, however, found something nice to say: “Yeah there’s nothing to see here ‘cept half a minute of Christina being flawless.”

::LordGagaTX was extremely skeptical about Lady Gaga’s rumored film debut in an Amy Winehouse biopic: “I don’t believe this one bit, Gaga would never do this. She respects Amy a great deal, and by impersonating her and taking the spotlight will make her look selfish and unprofessional.”

::Kathleen Hughes didn’t think Gaga had the vocal chops for the role: “First of all, Lady Gaga is a ‘Pop Singer’ and not a Jazz Vocalist like Amy Winehouse. I think it would be in very bad taste for Lady Gaga to do this.”

::Roger just seems to hate everybody: “Can this idiot even act? I think Gaga should spend her time kissing the backside of the gay community because that is all that she does.”

::Robert Pariseau found the idea tasteless: “No peace in life, even less peace in death.”

::Alex couldn’t get enough of Beyonce’s collaboration with Kanye and Jay-Z: “This is amazing. The beat and instrumental literally gets grander and grander with every chorus. I can see this song and “Lighters” by Eminem and Royce da 5′9″ battling each other on the charts!”

::Brody felt much the same: “IMO This track is amazing it puts me in a trance, Beyonce sounds amazing and comforting this is my fave. Def should be a single.”

::Troy will most likely not be downloading the song from iTunes: “The song sucks, and her contribution to it is even worse – her annoying voice makes everything, even simple things sound the same – a yodeling, whaling loud mess. She needs to take her halo and go.”

::Omarosa concurred: “The song is horrible and so is she.”

::Gaga Fan jumped in to be the voice of reason: “I am truly astonished at these haters!!! Good song, love it! Beyonce sang really well!”

::Jerseyshawn was impressed by Australia’s newest pop star Elen Levon: “Nice find Idolator! She looks great and a pretty jumpy song! Look forward to seeing the full version.”

::Hotrod sees big things in the 17-year-old’s future: “Definitely has something about her….I can see what the fuss is about!! interested to see how it goes…my hunch is very well!!”

::Daisy, on the other hand, thinks the newcomer has a lot of work to do: “I’m in Australia and I’ve never heard of her. Really, these days we could dig up anyone who can vaguely carry a tune, dance a few steps, hit the autotune and away we go.”