7 Classy Quotes From Coldplay’s ‘Billboard’ Cover Story

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 12, 2011 4:42 pm

Coldplay continues the graffiti aesthetic seen in the album art for Xylo Myloto and “Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall” video for the cover of the latest issue of Billboard. The Brit band is currently promoting their fifth studio LP’s October release, and we can’t help but notice that the Lollapalooza performers look a bit glum as they pose in front of a spray-painted wall. Below, we’ve rounded up seven of the classiest quotes from frontman Chris Martin as he discusses the creative process, making mistakes and sharing the spotlight.


** On band equality: “I feel like the limelight is very split, balanced out more than ever, which is a nice thing.”

** On making mistakes as a band: “We have a rule that one fuck-up is charming, but any more than that is unprofessional.”

** “I think that the people I like the most are the people that are really working for their audience. Bruce [Springsteen] being the No. 1 example. I don’t really like the whole, ‘We’re just doing this and if you like it, great.’ I don’t subscribe to that.”

** On being fearless with the making of Xylo Myloto: “We accept now that anything we do will invite a certain degree of negativity, so instead of letting that constrain us, this time out, it’s, ‘Well, fuck it. We’ll just go for it.'”

** “I find it very hard to deliver an album.”

** “I always feel like each record is our last, but at the moment I’m in the stage where I really mean it.”

** “I want anyone who spends money on us to be really pleased with their purchase.”

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