Drake Gets A “Super Bass” Lap Dance From Nicki Minaj In Toronto

Idolator Staff | August 14, 2011 11:10 am

Something about Canada must make Nicki Minaj extra frisky. The Madonna fan unleashed her inner Femme Fatale when Drake took to the stage at the Toronto stop on her tour, giving the “Headlines” rapper a lap dance followed by what looks like a long, lingering lip-lock. Steamy! Check it out after the jump.

Drake’s showing at the concert was itself something of a surprise as he gave Britney and Nicki fans more pop bang for their buck by joining the blue-wigged songstress on “Moment 4 Life.” But that wasn’t all. Nicki proved that she’s a true party girl by hosting a “Super Bass” shindig at Toronto’s Luxy night club, an event that looks about as super as that titular bass.

The above snap is from Luxy, where the life-size Barbie girl met her diminutive counterpart. Pretty cute, no?