Katy Perry Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Her Revamped California Dreams Tour

Becky Bain | August 16, 2011 5:01 pm

After a stretch through Europe, Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour started its trek around the US in June (we were tickled pink at the pop star’s LA tour stop earlier this month). So how does the VMA nominee keep a show fresh that’s been running well over a year? Different costumes, new dancers, more stage theatrics, and a whole lot more cotton candy. Jump below to check out Katy and her crew behind-the-scenes as they discuss what’s new and improved in Candyfornia.

“This tour is running for over a year,” says concert director Baz Halpin. “So it’s great that every time that it goes back to a new territory it’s gotten bigger and it’s different and there’s new elements added, and it’s Katy making sure that everybody gets a fresh perspective and fresh new show every time they go see it.”

And how does Katy describe “Tour.0”? “If you don’t like kittens or cotton candy, get the fuck out!” Yes, ma’am!

[Via PopCrush]