Lady Gaga’s “You And I” Gets A Shania Twain-esque Remix By Mark Taylor

Robbie Daw | August 18, 2011 9:56 am

Just when we were sitting around wondering why there hasn’t been a proper Mark Taylor-produced global pop smash (such as Cher’s “Believe,” Kylie Minogue’s “On A Night Like This,” Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero,” etc.) in ages, along comes a snippet of a remix that British studio whiz Mark Taylor did up for Lady Gaga’s “You And I.” PopJustice posted the tease today and asked, “But you know how it would sound even better if instead of sounding like a Shania Twain ballad it sounded like a linedance-friendly Shania Twain banger?” Why, yes, we do! Listen below. All this Shania-ism, of course, comes from the fact that “Mutt” Lange, aka the producer of Ms. Twain’s biggest hits/her ex-husband, worked the boards on “You And I.”

Here’s the clip, which, coming full circle, sounds nothing like “Believe,” “On A Night Like This” or “Hero” (and why would it?):

Needless to say, we’re chomping at the bit till the full thing is released. PopJustice notes that the Mark Taylor remix will be part of the official “You And I” single package.