Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Perry In This Week’s Reader Comments

Idolator Staff | August 19, 2011 5:30 pm

This week Katy Perry made history when “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” crawled to number one on the Hot 100, becoming her fifth consecutive chart-topper from Teenage Dream — an album that songwriting veteran Linda Perry coincidentally dismissed as “crap”. Way to rain on a girl’s parade! Other hot topics included Lady Gaga’s long-awaited and typically demented “You And I” video, as well as Beyonce’s breathtaking 4 showcase at the Roseland Ballroom in New York. Head below to see what our always on-the-ball readers had to say about these poptastic happenings.

:: Nyan
was overjoyed that Katy Perry equalled Michael Jackson’s record of scoring five #1 singles from the same album: “Yes! Katy Perry worked hard to get to this record and she deserves it.”

:: Asu had (a lot) less time for the real-life Smurfette:”Katy Perry is the epitome of generic pop music. Her songs have no meaning and she barely has a 2 octave voice – also her personality is unpleasant.”

:: Ronnie was not impressed by the way Katy achieved the record: “[Remixes] shouldn’t count be counted with the original sales they should be in a separate remix sales or something.”

:: Wendy tended towards the dramatic: “R.I.P. music.”

:: Elijah had Katy’s back when Linda Perry told us what she really thinks about Teenage Dream: “I think that, for those who really know Katy’s music, there’s evidence that she can go deeper. ‘Not Like the Movies’ is a great example.”

:: Brian Carpenter gave the former 4 Non Blondes frontwoman a piece of his mind: “LINDA needs to get an effing life. I’ve never heard of this old hag or her band and she’s just jealous that Katy is pretty, talented and making world records.”

:: Danny took a similar view: “Katy’s just having fun being girly on her 5 #1’s in a row, #1 album and over a year long tour making $300 a ticket while Linda is rocking out at the House of Blues still selling tickets for $25. Bittttttterrrrr.”

:: Godiva, however, agreed with Linda’s assessment: “I enjoy Katy’s music, but I agree with Linda wholeheartedly. There is zero substance.”

:: Catherine Holloway had reservations about Lady Gaga’s “You And I” video: “The tone of the video just seems wrong for the song. It’s a mid-tempo power ballad, not a dance song. The video is too frenetic: the dancing is too fast and the scenes change too quickly.”

:: Eric liked what he saw: “Amazing video! She hit the nail with this one.”

:: MackenzieJohn2011 agreed wholeheartedly: “I hate people who hate Lady Gaga. This video is brilliant!”

:: Dita James verbalized what a lot of people were thinking: “Why does she look better as a bloke?”

:: Brandon Hall agreed with our glowing review of Beyonce’s intimate show at the Roseland Ballroom: “[She] is clearly the best entertainer in the industry right now.”

:: Mel couldn’t contain her excitement: “She tore down the whole show. People didn’t want to leave and wanted more. Understandly so. King B KILLED IT!!!”

:: Noelster wished he could have been there: “Few reviews manage to capture the scene of a show quite like this. I wasn’t there, but I can already smell the damp polyester wigs, melting diva face paint, and wet house of Dereon bedding wrapped around the rain-soaked crowd at Roseland.”