Sky Ferreira Working With Florence + The Machine Producer Paul Epworth

Robbie Daw | August 22, 2011 10:23 am

Earlier this year we got the dance-pop EP As If! from “One” songstress Sky Ferreira, and then, well, she kind of went the model route. Bewitching pics of her cropped up via Style Caster, as well as some Lolita-esque snaps for a spring issue of Wonderland. Nineteen-year-old Sky’s latest modelling gigs are for CK One and Adidas. She also did an interview recently for Rolling Stone, where she notes that she’s working with British producer Paul Epworth. Catch some of her quotes below. “I’m going through a reinvention phase, where I’m trying to figure out where it is I want to go next,” Ferreira told Rolling Stone. “I’m not sixteen anymore, you know? I’m not sure I want to continue in the dance-pop vein that I’ve come to be associated with.”

Uh oh — how is that going to sit with the fans she’s been amassing thanks to her dance-pop material? And what kind of sound is the teen pop minx aiming for, then?

“I’m working with Paul Epworth,” she said. “I really want to work with Damon Albarn! That’s the direction I’m interested in exploring next — a more mature kind of pop. Not strictly singer-songwriter, but something that features vocal and guitar in a new way. I’m a massive Blur fan. I’ve always loved British pop – but Britpop; not the super pop of Girls Aloud and Sugababes.”

Epworth, of course, is a British producing whiz behind hits by Florence + The Machine and Adele. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Sky has a “Chasing Pavements” or “Dog Days Are Over” in her.

Till then, we’ll leave you with these intriguing quotes:

“I think everything sounds more or less the same. I think artists are defined by a look or one hit single, and that albums are obsolete in mainstream pop… And I never put down other women, but I think it’s sad to see girls dumbing themselves down to fit a role – it’s not even a matter of executives forcing them to do it anymore, it’s totally self-directed. Fair enough, I sing about sex and I made out with a guy in my video because I felt like it. Of course, everyone decided I was precocious. But they might be interested to know that I’m far from that sexual in real life, which means I can address it lyrically with a sense of remove. I’m a prude! I have dirty thoughts, but do nothing about it.”

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