Review Revue: Beyonce’s “1+1” Video

Robbie Daw | August 26, 2011 10:12 am

Beyonce’s “1+1” doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice for a single when it comes to her 4 album, but here we are with a music video for the ballad. And what a clip it is — Beyonce’s all oiled up, shedding tears and having her hair blown around with a light show that accentuates her every diva pose dancing across her. But, bottom line: is it any good? Head below to see what the Internet at large had to say about Bey’s latest visual extravaganza.

Beyonce 1+1 music video 2
:: Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix drew this conclusion about “1+1”: “The whole thing may be rather simple, but it’s hard to take your eyes off it.”

:: Pink Is The New Blog noticed something familiar in the clip: “The first thing that this video reminded me of was that Heat perfume video she released last year … but I guess it’s OK to borrow from one’s self.”

:: Vulture surmised, “The extent to which the video works likely depends on your feelings about the inherent sexiness of sweat and/or beauty products that mimic the appearance of sweat: If you find sweat inherently sexy, this video may work for you!”

:: The Huffington Post gave the video some pretty high praise: “It was her sparse, two backup dancer video for ‘Single Ladies’ that became Beyonce’s most iconic visual work. It may now have company.”

:: Stereogum was certainly titillated: “It’s, um, not subtle. And for those of us who feel a certain way about Beyoncé, it’s not a bad way to start your morning.”

:: The Prophet Blog, however, felt the video was pretty limp: “The clip is heavy on grease and low on excitement, with an oily Beyonce spending most her time posing and preening in front of a green screen like she’s starring in a Clearasil commercial.”

:: The Washington Post also got a few digs in: …”it looks like she just walked through Hurricane Irene at the beginning. Then the end looks like any number of chillwave videos.”

:: E! Online had an Rpattz moment while watching: “Beyonce keeps things interesting with some seriously magical hair and skin that sparkles like Edward Cullen (probably because Twilight love is the purest form of love to ever exist?).”

:: The Atlantic sums it all up with this: “It’s obviously not new for divas to use their own sex appeal to sell music and messages. But compared to her present-day pop rivals, Beyonce’s game is unique in its reliance on pure visual magnetism… Beyonce’s always been about the classical approach: catchy song, fun dance, pretty face, pretty body. No reason for that to change now that she’s no single lady.”

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