Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The K-Pop In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | August 26, 2011 5:30 pm

This week we made some predictions on who will win at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, while new videos from Beyonce, Lil Wayne and Florence + The Machine premiered. Meanwhile, Billboard launched it’s new K-Pop Hot 100 chart and Chris Brown did his best impression of Michael Jackson…again. Head below to see how our readers reacted to all this pop frenzy!

MTV Video Music Awards Pop Video
:: Barry Donegan wasn’t too sure how deep MTV will roll this Sunday on 2011 MTV VMA Predictions: Who Will Win Best Pop Video?: “If it were the Grammy’s, it would probably be Adele, but I’m not sure the MTV VMA’s go that route.”

:: Eric thought there was only queen who should win in the pop category: “In my opinion: I think it should go to Spears. Her video offers all the ingredients for a great pop video without it being too much. It’s the best video off Femme Fatale. Katy’s video may be fun but it’s just a bunch of stuff put together to look pretty. Sure the song’s a summer jam but that’s all the appeal it’s got.”

:: Jane, however, felt it’s Mrs. Brand’s to win: “I think Katy Perry has become the face of bubble gum pop. Britney’s song is great but I have a feeling that Katy may take this one. Also I am still excited for the Britney tribute.”

:: Sick Of Biased Reviews sha-moaned on Chris Brown Pretends To Be Michael Jackson Again: “Oh so now the world “Loves” MJ. Where were all these lovers when that man was going through his trial? I really wish people would stop throwing rocks at others when we ALL live in glass houses. Chris didn’t beat our behinds and as has been said time and time again, nobody but him, Rihanna, and God knows what went down between them. So just leave it alone. If you don’t like Chris, then just don’t like him, but save your energy and focus on being a better you.”

:: Brandon Hall let us know what Flo gave him on Florence + The Machine Unveil New Video “What The Water Gave Me”: “I expect nothing but the best from Flo and she is delivering, I have never been so eager for new music by an artist as I am for Flo and this upcoming album. To say Lungs moved me is an understatement cant wait for what the next album has in store.”

:: Justin M. gave Weezy props on Lil Wayne Shows Us “How To Love” With A Really Depressing Video: “So, I am NOT a fan of Lil Wayne at all….and I’m shocked that I’m actually saying this…..but this video was beautiful! It is refreshing to see a music video stressing the importance of wholesome, loving, and supportive relationships……not just immediate gratification! Not what I was expecting from Weezy at all! BRAVO!”

:: Catherine Holloway didn’t like the sum of Beyonce’s “1+1” Music Video Is An Emotional, Soaking Wet Affair: “I think Janelle Monae’s Cold War is a better application of the same concept for this video… It really demonstrates that sometimes less is more in music videos.”

:: Suzy thought it was super cool to see Sistar Top Inaugural Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 Chart With “So Cool”: “I’m so glad about this chart! It’ll be cool to read those things in english from a reliable source =) OBVIOUSLY K-pop will never be huge in US or anything. This chart if anything just shows it’s importance and impact in the world. It’s a very influent type of music right now even tho it’s not yet a big market.”

:: LMG wasn’t as over the moon about the song, however: “having been a fan of ‘other’ language music for many years this is pretty standard fare for K-Pop, however, I do love a song that mixes languages like this one does (and if you have never listened or seen a K-Pop or J-Pop group before the hand movements and poses mean what they are singing).I could have done away with the multiple times they mentioned the name of the group though.