Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Baby Already Has Its Own Crazy Animation

Becky Bain | August 30, 2011 4:13 pm

It’s hard — maybe even impossible — to pick the most absurd part of this animated news segment about Beyonce’s just-announced pregnancy. Is it the superstar offspring smoking a cigar like Baby Herman? Or doing the “Single Ladies” routine while resembling the dancing baby from Ally McBeal? What about Jay-Z delivering the baby out of a Virgin Mary-style Beyonce as Kanye West names this the “BEST PREGNANCY OF ALL TIME”? Actually, for us it’s the fact that “Nanny Minaj” is animated as white. Total WTF below!

Taiwan-based is known for its crazy animations depicting news events — check out their “report” on how the Internet turned on Justin Bieber — but this depiction of a child barely even concieved just about takes the cake.

Head here to watch a version dubbed over in English, but honestly, what’s the fun in giving any of this context?

Thank you, MTV Buzzworthy, for bringing this into our lives.

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