Kelly Clarkson Discusses “Mr. Know It All” and ‘Stronger’ During Livestream Chat

Robbie Daw | August 31, 2011 7:51 am

Kelly Clarkson took part in a Livestream chat with her fans yesterday — that is, until the Internet apparently went out in the building she was in. Still, the American Idol alum managed to at least premiere her brand new single “Mr. Know It All” and field some questions about her upcoming LP. Watch below. “We picked ‘Mr. Know It All’ because it was unlike any song that, really, I’ve ever come out with,” Clarkson explained, when asked why said tune was chosen as the first single off upcoming album Stronger. “Secondly, just because it’s very different from a first single for me. Usually we go with an anthem, guitar-driven song. This is very different… It’s just super sassy and it sets up the album nicely.”

She was then asked why she chose the title Stronger for her fifth album. “I ended up naming the album stronger mainly because the entire album is about empowerment and just strength overall,” Kelly said. “I love singing songs like that. I love being sassy. I love having attitude. I love raining on boys’ parades!”

Clarkson also mentioned that the album’s title comes from a line in the song “What Doesn’t Kill You,” and that, musically, she was influenced this time around by Prince and Tina Turner. (Another song title revealed in the chat: “You Love Me,” which she says she wrote in 15 minutes.)

And, good news, Kelly fans — she let the cat out of the bag that she’ll likely be hitting the road for a tour in January.

Kelly Clarkson Livestream chat — part one

Kelly reveals in the second part of the chat, below, that she and Chris Daughtry almost recorded a duet for Stronger. However, the album, she says, went in a different direction than she started out with. “I love Chris, so one day we are gonna get a song together and we’re both gonna sing it together,” she said.

One duet that did make the album is apparently with a female associated with Idol, Kelly teased.

Kelly Clarkson Livestream chat — part two

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