Cassie And Fabolous Learn Lessons From The “Radio”

Idolator Staff | September 3, 2011 10:56 am

What can you learn from listening to pop music? Apparently, quite a bit — according to Cassie, anyway. The BLANK magazine stunner has concocted “Radio,” a ditty that’s all about learning lessons from the divas that came before her — particularly regarding the no-good dude who’s the subject of so many heartbreak anthems (TLC and Mary J. Blige are name-checked, amongst others). Featuring a brief cameo by Fabolous, the track comes courtesy of Diddy and DJ Prostyle’s Bad Boy Presents THE PREVIEW mixtape. And best of all, you don’t even have to turn on the “Radio” to check out the latest from this sultry “Sky Diver” — just head below!

The song’s subject matter may be a bit stronger than the actual vocals. It’s a fun idea to think that the same heartless bad boy has been running around on Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige, TLC, and now Cassie (metaphorically, anyway). And the idea that young girls might learn a thing or two about being cautious in love from songs on the radio is a cut above what most R&B songs are about.

What do you think of this meta tune from VIBE‘s vamp?

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