Will Justin Bieber Soon Have A Mouth Full Of Gold Teeth?

Idolator Staff | September 3, 2011 12:30 pm

It’s a bit hard to imagine the baby-faced Justin Bieber smiling back at us with a set of gold-capped choppers, isn’t it? But it seems the fashionable snake charmer is further emulating his hip hop idols by investing in a grill (and no, we aren’t talking about the George Foreman variety). The Biebs may still be just a teenager, but after a fender-bender in his Ferrari, the little punk is spending the rest of his allowance (or, okay, massive earnings from his multimillion-dollar empire) on a pricey mouthpiece by celebrity jeweler Ben Baller (pictured here). Head below for a couple more photos and the real scoop behind the “U Smile” crooner’s golden grin.


For any Beliebers currently in a state of panic about their idol’s rash decision to go irreversibly gangsta, fear not — the grill is removable, meaning no permanent harm will be done to Justin’s beautiful smile.

“I don’t even make grills anymore unless its for someone really special. and obviously, this is someone special. so I’m gonna swag it the f**k out!” Baller tweeted as he fitted both Bieber and his buddy Sean Kingston for grills.

“haha. relax it’s just a joke. no biggie,” the Biebs tweeted after a brief outcry amongst his fans rose when they thought the grill might be a permanent addition to his adorable face.

Are you looking forward to seeing Bieber’s grill-enhanced grin, whenever it shall appear?