Cody Simpson ‘Coast To Coast’: Fall Preview

Erika Brooks Adickman | September 8, 2011 2:00 pm

When Cody Simpson burst onto the scene in 2010 with “iYiYi” at just 13-years-old, it was hard not to draw parallels between the adorable Aussie and another shaggy-haired teen who used YouTube in his rise to stardom: Justin Bieber. But with his second EP Coast To Coast, the pop star is really coming into his own, and we have a feelingthe tiny thunder from Down Under is going to break some serious hearts from sea to shining sea. Below find out everything you need to know about Cody’s album in our Fall Music Preview.

ALBUM: Coast To Coast (Atlantic Records)

RELEASE DATE: September 20

SINGLES RELEASED SO FAR: “On My Mind” was released on iTunes May 23, 2011 and the Shawn Campbell-produced “All Day” was previously released on the teen’s debut EP 4 U.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE EP: Songs sung to girls and songs about girls. What else, but the highs and lows of young love? Cody divulged that his favorite memory making this album was writing the song “Angel.” “We spent a good amount of time just sitting down on the couch jamming out on the guitar coming up with ideas,” he says. “In the song, you’ll hear there are two different choruses; that’s because we wrote two different versions and couldn’t decide, so we intertwined both into the song. The concept is something really personal to me, every line means something. I just really connected with that song.”

And while fans might already be familiar with Coast To Coast‘s first single, they might not know the story behind “On My Mind”. The adorable crooner explained, “I saw a picture of this really beautiful girl who said she was coming to one of my shows on Twitter, and I was quietly trying to find her throughout and after my show. When we were writing that song I had that story in mind. Also, if you’ve seen the video for my single, ‘On My Mind’, that’s where the concept for that came from.” Lucky gal.

“Not Just You” performed live Kansas City:

TOUR PLANS: Cody is currently wrapping up his North American Coast To Cost tour leading up to his final performance on September 18 at The Block At Orange.

OUR THOUGHTS: CS jokingly described the album’s sound as “very Megadeth mixed with a little Rebecca Black. I think my fans are gonna love it.” The teen has a rich and soulful voice, one that has already proven the ability to drive young girls bonkers. Having given Simpsonizers a sampling of his EP during his current mall tour, we’re pretty sure that Cody’s Angels are already head over heels for the middle-schooler’s new tunes. The combination of sensitive and thoughtful lyrics and pure pop melodies make this upcoming release a no-brainer for the youngin’s.

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