Amy Winehouse’s Parents Talk To Anderson Cooper

Becky Bain | September 12, 2011 2:00 pm

Anderson Cooper’s new daytime show Anderson had quite an emotional premiere, as Amy Winehouse’s mother and father stopped by to discuss their daughter’s substance abuse problems and fondly reflect on her talent. “We’re heartbroken,” is the first thing Mitch Winehouse says, after we see an extended montage of old interviews and home movies of the singer during better days. Watch their somber sit-down with Anderson below.

Amy’s parents insist that their daughter was sober at the time of her death (the toxicology report confirms this), and died from a seizure brought on by alcohol withdrawal. “I think she had a seizure and this was the time when there was no one there to rescue her.”

“Her problem was alcohol in the last few years of her life,” said Mitch. “You might argue, ‘What’s the difference?’ The difference is that what happened to Amy wasn’t anything to do with drugs. It might be that drugs took its toll in the early years, but there were no drugs in her system [when she died].”

Watch the first three parts below, then head on over to Neon Limelight to check out the rest of the interview.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3